Jackey Mukhwana is a high school student at Hudson Ntsan'wisi Senior Secondary School in Nkowankowa, Letaba, Limpopo Province, South Africa. He was born in 1999 in Tzaneen (Dan Village) where he lives with his parents and a younger sister and brother. From an early age he has loved helping people and he enjoys playing with his siblings and teaching them to read. He found that he liked writing when in Grade 7 and has been pecking away at his cell phone, writing short stories, dredged from his vivid imagination and life experiences.
Jackey believes that his calling in life is to be a heart surgeon, someone who can help people suffering from heart disease. He expects to continue writing short stories and will publish a few more in 2015.
Because this his first story, it is provided without charge on Kindle. 
If anyone is interested in drawing sketches or in elaborating on the story, a paperback version is available through Amazon. In this version, a number of pages are set aside for the reader to sketch the scene being described or to expand on the description of the story. 

Bekazi Mboweni

Living Out the Dream

William Jenkins

Bekazi is young lady attending Hudson Ntsan'wisi Senior Secondary School. She was born in Van Velden in Limpopo, South Africa. Bekazi has one sister and five brothers. She enjoys singing and writing. She believes that her calling in life is to become a Veterinarian. She submitted a poem on Electricity to us. It was written when she was in Grade 9. It is in the Anthology out of South Africa.

Jackey Mukhawana

Brian T. Seifrit

Electricity (a poem)

Olive Caldwell Lee

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My Life, My Misery

An Anthology out of South Africa

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