Write. Contribute. Publish. 


Writers of all skill levels may submit their work for our review and publishing.


What do you do when you aren't writing? Can you bring your work experience to life for others? 

Tell us a little about the topics that interest you. Do you prefer to write fiction? Perhaps there is a technical subject you would like to explore. 

If you wish to write for publication, send us a sample of your work and we'll advise whether or not we think it makes sense to publish it on your behalf.

Day job.

Your interests.

My purpose with this website is to promote the stories I have published and to encourage others to submit their work to me. Feel free to contact me to discuss the work that you have or wish to have published. I use Createspace to print paperbacks and Kindle for ebooks. These are Amazon companies.
There is no charge for my services. My only costs associated with this hobby are related to providing a copy of a paperback to the Library of Canada, Legal Deposit.
I am especially interested in publishing stories and poems from students. So far, only a couple of students from South Africa have submitted their writing to me. If you are a teacher or student, I would appreciate your getting in touch with me and submitting any of your creative writing or that of your students.

How to Order a Book or eBook from William Jenkins

The best way to order one of our publications is to send an email to williamhenryjenkins@gmail.com specifying which books or eBooks you wish to order. I will respond to this email quoting a price in Canadian dollars for the order. The price will include taxes and shipping. If you wish to place the order, you reply by email confirming the order and providing your postal address. I'll send you an email giving our banking coordinates (bank, branch and account) and you deposit the order amount in our account.
Since bank deposits made this way do not identify the depositor, you must also send me an email saying that you have deposited the funds in my account so that I know which of the thousands of deposits is yours. (That is a joke! I'm unlikely to get more than one order a day.)
If you have ordered an eBook, I'll send it immediately as a PDF file, readable on any computer. If you have ordered a print copy, I will order it from Amazon to be delivered to your postal address using their least expensive shipping option. I'll advise you when the book is shipped and when you can expect delivery.
Alternately, if you wish to order directly from Kindle (for eBooks), Amazon or Createspace (for printed paperback copies), you can do a search for the title on Amazon and order directly. With Createspace, you have to get a free Createspace account. I can provide the identification number for a publication if you cannot find it using the search feature on Amazon.com.

I was born in Ottawa in 1932. After completing a degree in Mathematics and Physics at Queen's University at Kingston in 1954, I became a computer programmer and worked in that field for 45 years. Subsequently, I sold residential real estate and then published a few stories for middle-school children. I am married with three children. My daughter teaches ESL to adults and suggested I write stories for the increasingly large number of English Language students around the world.