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William Jenkins

Now (2019) Alter is at university studying Law.

                                                                                                                 Description of Book
Alter’s Journey by Alter Mathebula

This book holds two stories, a play and three poems by Alter, written when she was about 15. The writing appeared in an anthology of such writing by students at a secondary school in Tzaneen. Alter wanted her writing published separately as well, but because there wasn’t enough for a paperback book, I appended one of my stories “The Case of the Forgotten Fort” to the book.

The list of the contents are as follows:

Stories. 1

The Magic Paint Brush. 1

Consequences of a Friendship. 3

A Play. 5

The Journey I Walked Through. 5

Poems. 13

Success. 13

What is life?. 14

An Anthology out of South Africa by Jackey Mukhawana, Alter Mathebula, Bekazi Mboweni and Eustacia Nhlangweni.

This paperback contains about 108 pages of poems, stories and plays written by students attending Hudson Ntsan’wisi Senior Secondary school in Tzaneen, South Africa. One edition is available through Amazon and another, printed in South Africa, is sold through a bookstore in Tzaneen.

The Table of Contents lists the following short stories, plays and poems:

Jackey Mukhawana. 1

My Life, My Misery. 2

My Boyfriend, My Destroyer. 8

Royalty. 16

My Best Friend, only for a few months. 31

All’s Well That Ends Well 34

Fly like the Eagle in You. 45

Who should I be?. 46

Education. 47

His name is Jesus. 48

Electricity. 49

Ebola. 51

Chain Breaker. 52

Africa my mother land. 53

Bekazi Mboweni 55

Electricity. 56

Alter Mathebula. 57

The Magic Paint Brush. 58

Consequences of a Friendship. 60

My life, my journey. 62

Never give up. 65

The Journey I Walked Through. 67

Success. 74

What is life?. 75

Books. 76

Drug. 77

Be yourself. 78

I am wise enough. 79

That time will arrive. 80

Boyfriend. 81

To Mom.. 82

Poetry. 83

The secret heart. 84

First Love. 85

Death. 86

H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. 87

Eustacia Ntsakisi Nhlangweni 88

The Story of my Life. 90

A Fool 91

My Everything. 92

For My Mother. 93

My Testimony. 94

Poetry. 95

Friend. 96

Dance with Daddy. 97

Teen Life. 98

Friendship. 99

New Generation. 100

Heart (Love). 101

My Country. 102

Culture. 103

Praise God in Style. 104

Fake Love. 105

Mistakes. 106

How do you?. 107

Unpredictable life   108

Destiny is a Matter of Choice by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

This is a self-help book explaining how choices that you make in life affect your destiny. The following is the table of contents:

Introduction. 1

Choices. 3

Life is a Story. 6

How Choices Affect Our Destiny. 8

Have a Purpose. 10

Dream or Plan. 10

Be Cautious. 11

Use of Time. 13

Work Hard. 14

Commitment 14

Measure Your Success. 16

Don’t Quit 16

See The Future. 18

Avoid Destiny Robbers. 19

Motivate Yourself. 20

Mistakes. 20

Who Can Destroy Your Destiny?. 24

Friendly Enemies. 24

Bad Company. 25

Use Your Time and Money Effectively. 27

Time. 27

Money. 28

Seek Advice. 30

Things You Need. 31

Be Single-Minded. 33

You’re In Charge Of Your Destiny. 33

Why Some People Fail To Fulfil Their Destiny. 35

Fear of success and failure. 36

Lack of understanding upon achieving their objectives-setting process  37

Lack of commitment to their objectives. 38

Stagnation. 39

Questions and doubts. 39

Lack of a real destination. 40

Failing to plan. 41

Having too many goals. 42

Feeling unworthy of the outcomes. 42

Lack of motivation. 43

Lack of consistency. 44

Excuses. 45

Enemies of destiny. 47

Fulfil your destiny. 52

 The Crave of the Youth by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

This is a play describing the result of a criminal act by several young men. The following description is provided by the author:

“The story takes place at Destiny High School. The play is about three friends Lemuel, Samson and Solomon. They are all going to the same school. Lemuel lives with his mother who always advises him, but he is corrupted by bad company. His father is far away from him and his mother finds it hard to convey her messages to him as he is a grown up. Solomon lives with his father and mother who always advise him and are always available for him. They encourage him at all times.

Samson lives with both of his parents who are always fighting and always talking about divorce .His father always comes back late from work; his mother is also not close to him. Since his mother and father are always fighting, he finds it hard and feels as if he doesn’t belong to a family.

He is recruited by a group of armed robbers. He joins them to satisfy his pleasures.

This story teaches us that it is not good for parents to be far away from their homes and children. It shows that someone far away from home is like a bird that has left its nest.

It demonstrates that truly bad company corrupts good manners. It teaches us to choose friends carefully. It shows that friends can be more influential than parents. It teaches that parents should not be far away from their children. It shows how friends can have an influence on your future and how they can influence us in taking decisions about life.

The Power of Determination by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

This book consists of 32 pages of a self help nature and 42 pages of poems. The table of contents is as follows:

Author. vi

Acknowledgements. viii

The Power of Determination. 1

Introduction. 1

You have To Be Determined If You are To Achieve. 1

Examine All Great People In Life. 1

How Determination Empowers You. 2

How To Keep Yourself Determined. 2

Seek Counsel 3

Have faith and hope. 3

Be Disciplined And Maintain Self Control 4

Remember Your Goals And Purpose. 4

Know what you want. 4

Be Optimistic. 5

Be Prioritized. 6

Avoid Laziness. 6

Be Willing To Pay The Price of Endurance. 7

Know What the Price Is. 8

Avoid Discouragement. 8

Seek a Solution When There Is a Problem.. 8

Believe In Yourself. 9

Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure. 9

Oppose Adversity. 10

Don’t Procrastinate. 11

(Every time is a perfect time). 11

Be willing to do more. 12

Overcome Fear And Doubts. 12

Don’t Be Satisfied. 14

Be Determined To Make Things Happen. 14

Don’t Give Up On Yourself. 15

Place Determination at Work. 16

Determination Brings Achievement. 16

Self-Determination Leads To Prosperity. 17

Prove them wrong via Determination. 18

Use Your Gifts. 19

Examples of people who were determined as reported in the Bible: 20

Esther. 20

The Four Leprosy Men. 22

Things That the Determined Don’t Do. 23

The Determined Don’t Give Up On Their Goals. 23

The Determined Don’t Let Failure Stop Them.. 24

The Determined Do Not Let Fear of Failure Stop Them. 24

The Determined Don’t Let What They Don’t Know Stop Them    24

The Determined Don’t Fear Rejection. 25

The Determined Are Not Impulsive. 26

The Determined Do Not Let False, Limiting Beliefs Stop Them From Moving Forward. 27

The Determined Don’t Require the Approval of Others. 28

Determined People Are Not Lazy. 28

How to Keep Yourself Going. 28

Let Your Past Inform You of Your Future and Nothing More. 29

See your Life and Future as Totally Within your Control. 29

Learn to Ignore the Things that you Cannot Control or that you Cannot Change. 29

Do not be Jealous. 30

Don’t Let Complaints, Critics and Whining Stop you. 30

Do Not Try to Impress Others or Focus on Others; Rather Try to Impress Yourself  30

Count your Blessings. 31

Discipline. 31

Commit your Plans to God. 31

Be serious. 32

Poems. 33

Who’s At Fault?. 34

Donkey. 35

Education. 36

Jesus. 37

Farmers. 38

Anger. 39

Life. 40

Death. 41

The Norm of These Days. 43

My Appointed Time. 44

Who am I?. 45

Inexorable Time. 46

Mentees. 47

My Creator. 48

My Destiny Is Everyone’s Guess. 49

My Children. 50

My Mother. 52

How Long Must I Train?. 53

Leaders. 54

Destiny. 55

Ungrateful People. 56

The Critics. 57

Sugar Daddies. 58

Sugar Mommies. 59

The Youth. 61

People With and Without a Purpose. 62

Shade your Future. 63

My Destiny. 64

The Ungrateful Generation. 65

Blank Mind. 67

The Strange Woman. 68

Nature of Africa. 69

The Beauty of the Nature of Africa. 71

The Woman of Africa: The Ebony Beauty. 72

Have Farmers’ Mentality, not Hunters’ Mentality. 74

    Money                        75

 A Life Partner by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

This is a self help book suggesting what one should do in choosing a person to marry. The following is the introduction written by the author:

It is the dream of every person with a normal life to get married when the time is right and favorable. We expect to spend the rest of our lives happily married to our true love partner. Our success in marriage depends to a certain extent on the foundation we lay beforehand.

It is the dream of every lady to have the best wedding ever. However, marriage is not only about the wedding ceremony; it includes responsibilities about living together and following the norms of society.

Usually as young people we do not think about the things we should consider before venturing into marriage. Our desire for marriage and passion makes us blind to the way that we rush into the wedding garment without having had a real introspection of ourselves.

The purpose of this book is to discuss some of the things we should consider about ourselves and our future life partner before committing ourselves to marriage.


The following is the Table of Contents for this book:

Biography. iii

Contact Blessed Thabang Mobosi vii

Dedication. viii

Acknowledgements. ix

Introduction. 1

Mistakes some people make. 2

Preparing to get married. 2

What You Want Is Inside You. 3

Why Get Married?. 6

Example of Choosing A Life Partner. 7

What to do next?. 9

Different Connections lead to Marriage. 10

Divine Connection. 10

Physical Observation Connection. 13

Elderly Connection. 15

When Should I Get Married?. 16

What We Need to Know.. 19

The Duty of a Woman. 19

Qualities of a Good Man. 21

People You Should Not Marry. 22

Do Not Marry for Sex. 23

Do Not Marry a Person with Bad Traits. 24

Do Not Marry a Sinner. 25

Do Not Marry Someone not Working. 26

Do Not Marry for Beauty. 27

Do Not Marry an Obvious Person. 29

Do Not Marry a Jealous Person. 29

Do Not Marry a Contentious Person. 30

Do Not Marry a Foolish Person. 31

Do Not Marry Someone Far Away. 32

Do Not Marry a Lazy Person. 32

Do Not Marry a Disrespectful Person. 33

Do Not Marry an Addicted Person. 33

Do Not Marry a Bossy Person. 33

Do Not Marry a Gossiper. 34

Do Not Marry a High Maintenance Person. 34

Do Not Marry Someone Who Lacks Commitment. 35

Do Not Marry a Selfish Person. 36

Do Not Marry a Club Person. 36

Do Not Marry a Party Freak. 36

Do Not Marry People who Seek Only Pleasure. 37

Do Not Marry a Picky Eater. 37

What to know Before Finding a Life Partner. 38

Placed In The Garden of Eden. 38

Cultivate. 39

Guard. 39

Word. 39

Choosing the Right Life Partner. 41

Are You Ready For Marriage?. 41

Look for a Shared Vision of the Future. 41

Does your Partner Get Along with your Family?. 42

Are you Treated with Respect?. 42

Put Yourself First. 42

Choose a Talker. 43

Look for Kindness. 43

Listen to your Friends and Family. 43

Take Responsibilities Seriously. 44

Someone who Loves You for Who you Are. 44

Other Books by this Author. 45

To order any of the books. 45

Editor. 46

Sacrificing for Success by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

The introduction to this book states:

It is the ideal goal for everyone to be successful in life.

The truth about success is that it is achieved by only those who are willing to pay the price for it. In our lives, where we are today is due to the effort we made to get the success for which we hoped. Our successful achievements are directly proportional to the effort and sacrifice we made to get our desired result.

Although success is something we all wish to have, we all have different definitions and views of what success really is.


The following is the Table of Contents for this book:

Biography. iii

Dedication. vii

Acknowledgements. vii

Introduction. 1

What Is Success?. 1

What Is Not Success?. 4

Types of Successful People. 5

Achievers. 5

Succeeders. 7

Principles of Success. 8

You can be anything you want to be. 8

Time waits for no man. 8

Sacrifice to keep your life happy. 9

There is nothing you cannot do, be or have. 10

Nothing is worth the sacrifice if it doesn’t make you happy. 10

Be yourself. 11

Everything you need is inside of you. 11

Surround yourself with positive people. 12

Concentrate on what you want. 13

Seven people you need to avoid. 15

Gossipers. 15

Jealous Haters. 15

Time wasters. 16

Money Grabbers. 17

Overly sensitive People. 17

Excuse-Makers. 17

Miss-educated people. 19

Don’t be Controlled by these Things. 20

Your past. 20

Other People’s Opinions and Judgements. 21

Limited beliefs you project upon yourself. 21

Relationships. 22

Money. 23

Put God First. 24

Do not commit the following errors. 25

Error 1: Not planning your finances. 25

Error 2: Buying with consumer credit. 25

Error 3: Making Just Minimum Payments on your credit cards. 26

Error 4: Not saving for retirement or financial freedom.. 27

Error 5: Making Financial Decisions based on Emotions. 28

Error 6: Focusing too much on money and neglecting the process  29

Error 7: Not educating yourself financially. 29

Are you living the life you want?. 30

Reason 1: Self-Esteem.. 34

Reason 2: Achievement Is Better. 34

Reason 3: Money. 35

Reason 4: Self-Development. 35

Reason 5: Help Others. 35

Books by Blessed Thabang Mobosi 39

To order any of the books. 40

Steps to Success by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

This is the author’s introduction:

Success is the achievement of things planned for or hoped for. They can be goals, dreams or an achievement of some kind. We all want to be successful in life, in achieving the kind of future that is our destiny. However, the truth is that not everyone will end up being successful in life. Rules can be broken, and laws can be obeyed, but success has principles of its own. Only those who cling to its principles will be successful at the end.

The fact that many are making it in the present does not mean that they will end up being successful in life, but those who are determined to the end while holding to the principles of success can be. It is not about how you start. It is not about where you are. It’s about how you will be at the end of the race when you begin to face the reality of your accomplishments. Many people wish they could be successful, but they never are. Many people desire success, but they never achieve it. Whatever they wished for or desired faded away like the mist simply because they were not determined about their actions.

In this book we shall discuss the different steps to success, what makes people successful and what makes people unsuccessful.


The following is the Table of Contents for this book:

Dedication. v

Author. vii

Acknowledgements. ix

Introduction. 1

Attitude Change. 2

Positive Attitude. 2

Negative Attitude. 4

Why Your Attitude Is So Important. 4

Attitude Can Be Changed. 6

Your Attitude Determines Your Success. 10

Your Attitude Largely Determines Your Expectations For The Future   11

Steps for Developing a Positive Attitude: 14

Choose to be happy. 14

Have faith in yourself. 14

Visualize. 14

Self-Coaching. 14

Self-Motivation Through Discovering Your Motives. 15

Always be positive. 15

The Power of Words. 15

Enthusiasm.. 16

Connecting to Your Spiritual Empowerment. 16

Lighten Up Your Life with Humor. 16

Keep Yourself Focused. 17

How you can improve your ability to focus. 18

Don’t say you cannot focus. 19

Make deals with your mind. 19

Do one thing at a time. 19

Things That Prevent Our Focusing. 20

Be Disciplined. 23

Value of Discipline. 25

Meaning Of Self-Discipline. 27

Evils Of Indiscipline. 28

Causes Of Indiscipline. 28

Be Committed. 30

Commitment Begins Small And Can Get Bigger. 35

Avoid your Enemy Of Success: Laziness. 37

Simple Steps For Overcoming Laziness. 37

Break Down A Task Into Smaller Tasks. 37

Rest, Sleep And Exercise. 37

Strengthen Your Willpower & Self-discipline. 37

Motivation. 38

Have A Vision Of What And Who You Want To Be. 38

Think About Benefits. 38

Thinking About The Consequences. 38

Doing One Thing At A Time. 39

Visualization. 39

Repeat Affirmations. 39

Regard A Task As An Exercise. 39

Procrastination. 39

Learn From Successful People. 40

Steps To Time Management Success. 41

Prioritize—Put Your “Rocks” In First. 41

Target Your Action. 41

Focus Your Mind First. 42

Take Something Off Your Plate. 42

Complete Something You’ve Been Putting Off. 43

Declare Yourself Complete. 43

Accept That You Can’t Do It All At Once. 43

Tens Steps To Your Success. 45

Imagination Often Turns Into Reality. 45

What You Do Every Day Will Turn Into A Habit. 45

Don’t Let Moods Control your Life. 45

Break The Obstacles On Your Way. 46

Never Lose Hope. 46

Read Between The Lines. 46

Take Positive Action. 46

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Live. 46

Treat Your Time Like Money In The Bank. 47

Adopt An Attitude Of Calmness And Of Open-Mindedness. 47

No Sacrifices No Success. 48

The Ten Commandments Of Success. 49

Welcome Criticism.. 49

Learn From Your Failures. 50

Dream Big. 50

Always Open Your Mind To Possibilities. 50

Always Be Time Conscious. 50

Associate With Winners. 51

Encourage Others. 51

Avoid Distractions. 51

Develop The Action Habit. 51

Be Patient. 51

Follow Your Passions And Success Will Follow.. 53

What I Mean By Passion. 54

Why Passion Is So Important. 54

The Successful Of Our Time. 55

Steve Jobs. 55

Chris Gardner. 55

Mark Zuckerberg. 55

Warren Buffett. 56

It's Never Too Late. 57

Why Success Always Starts With Failure. 58

The Wrong Way To React To Failure. 58

Denial 58

Chasing your losses. 58

Hedonism.. 58

The Recipes For Success. 59

Adaptation. 59

Try new things. 59

Recognize Failure. 59

Gather feedback. 60

Remove emotions from the equation. 60

Don’t get too attached to your plan. 60

Achieving True Success And Prosperity. 61

True Success. 61

How Can You Develop Will For Success?. 62

Dealing Constructively With Failure. 63

Don’t Do Half-Heartedly. 64

Be Creative. 64

Creating All-Round Success. 65

Abundance And Prosperity. 66

Affirmations For Success. 67

Other Books by this Author. 69

To order any of the books. 69

A Bloodstained Hammer by Brian T. Seifrit and Alison Townsend

This is the story of a hog-farming family, the Townsends, living in the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada in the late 1950's and later years. The story describes the hard life for the farmer who has to work at a nearby mine and smelter in order to support his farm work. The story is a fictionalized description based on the actual events that occurred. Of course, the conversations, thoughts expressed and activities are the product of the authors' imaginations. The fact that the events are still so clearly remembered fifty years later is significant, indicating the depth to which the events affected the family. Family day to day life is described.

The need for hired help is satisfied when a young man answers their advertisement. He joins the family, works hard, learns the ropes of hog farming and butchering. The hired man, called Hudulak in the story, has a number of problems related to his limited intelligence, his sexual desires and his drinking to excess on the few occasions he goes out on the town. These problems are not noted especially by the Townsend family, although the eight year old daughter Emily is unhappy with the way he leers at her. Hudulak goes on a drinking binge with a neighbor and ends up in Mrs. Townsend's bedroom in the middle of the night. Mr. Townsend is working the night shift.

Unfortunately, the confrontation in the bedroom leads to the death of both Mrs. Townsend and Emily, the eight year old. Hudulak cleans up a little and drives away in the family car. Although he is caught within a few hours, he is able to convince the authorities that he is insane and his only punishment is a life of leisure in a mental hospital for 18 years. Eventually, he is given a complete release, marries and lives a normal life. In the meantime, life goes on for the remnants of the Townsend family.

The effect of this crime on the family is described, and the frustration felt by the family members by the ineffective way in which the crimes were handled is lamented. The Townsends believe that the Canadian Justice system failed and believe that Hudulak simply fooled all the authorities. Based on a true story, the authors get inside the minds of the characters, describing the thoughts and feelings of a murderer and his victims.

A free workbook for the use of ESL students and teachers to aid in studying the text is available on the Publisher's website. The student will have the opportunity to correct the grammar.

Due to the descriptions of the sexually explicit thoughts of the hired hand, the story is unsuitable for public school children.

Although the insanity defence is still in vogue today, the Townsends believe that today's psychiatrists and prosecutors would not be quite so lenient as they were in the 1960's in a remote area in the interior of B.C. Interestingly, in 2012, a mental patient in Quebec who killed his children and was found not guilty by reason of insanity was given a full discharge after only two years of treatment. This story will shine some light on the impact these crimes have on the victims.

Absolute Anger by Brian T. Seifrit

“Absolute Anger” is a story of intrigue and suspense revolving around Detective Tyler O’Brien, promoted to lieutenant since he and his crew of brash detectives captured the man responsible for four brutal and deranged killings. The trial and sentencing of the murderer should have ended the crime spree, but that was just the beginning…

O’Brien learns that the killer has escaped from prison. Following a trail of corpses from the streets of Toronto, the evidence leads him and his crew into the barren mountain passes of British Columbia, and finally back to the location of the killer’s earliest crimes in an increasingly dangerous manhunt for a deranged and psychotic killer. As fate would have it, only death can be the outcome.

This “edge of the seat” thriller has been optioned by Mad Samurai Films Inc., in Toronto and will be released in the fall of 2019.

Bloodlines by Brian t. Seifrit

The Vanfell family travels west to take over a ranch that they have inherited. However, the trip is beset with fatal illness, cold, hunger, and many frightening adventures. Children are kidnapped, they have battles with Indians, they find evidence of cannibalism and they struggle over treacherous mountain passes to reach their ranch. The story describes the many obstacles settlers in the 1820's to 1850's experienced in rugged British Columbia.

Escape by Brian T. Seifrit

This is the story of a brave Russian rebel who escapes the tyranny of his homeland, reaches Alaska and then Canada. Full of intrigue, adventure and new-found love, the path Hayden Rochsoff follows keeps him alert to danger, but prone to disaster at every turn.

The Coalition of Purgatory by Brian T. Seifrit

Bryce Ellwood, a naturalist, journalist and photographer is assigned the six-month task of recording the flora and fauna of a remote area of British Columbia that is slated for development as a five star ski resort. The story describes his work, his adoption of an orphaned bear cub and his relationship with a local Indian lady.

The difficulties of working alone in a remote area are highlighted by a few disasters that occur. He finds himself injured and unable to communicate with the outside world. 
The world view of the developer is also described in some detail.

The story is based somewhat on a struggle that natives in British Columbia have been waging against commercial development of their pristine lands.

Voracity by Brian T. Seifrit

A fatal virus named Kuru is spreading across British Columbia, held in check by a secret team of assassins whose mission is to stop the spread of the virus by killing anyone who has it. Established by a private group, the team of assassins led by Blain Sweet, a.k.a. "Entity" is also searching for a scientific cure.

Blain travels to a remote cabin in the interior where research papers written by Blain's deceased brother may provide the clue to ending the plague..Blain's wife, Rachel, puzzled by his aloof behaviour, wonders if he really is the software developer he claims to be. Will the research point to a cure before the virus morphs into a sexually transmitted disease?

Red Rock Canyon by Brian T. Seifrit

Tyrell Sloan is the heir to his Grandfather's estate, which consists of an old ramshackle cabin, and over three hundred and twenty acres of red shale, pasture, and forest. During the journey to Red Rock Canyon, he encounters a slew of unforgettable characters. He hears some unusual tales about his Grandfather and wrestles with the day-to-day survival of solitude, as he tries to make a life for himself. He learns that three of the richest gold claims in the Columbia Kootenay are on Sloan land, but all that gold, he realizes, is not worth the burden.

Return to Red Rock by Brian T. Seifrit

Six years after leaving behind his inheritance, Tyrell Sloan returns to familiar ground. In 1890, he was the heir to the estate of his Grandfather, John Henry Sloan Sr. consisting of 300 acres of red shale, forest, and pasture. Near the homestead, and less than an hour’s ride up stream of the Hudu Creek, were three gold claims, the Sloan 1, 2 and 3. At the time of his departure, the claims were contracted for a two-year term with the Wake Up Jake, a mining company. 

When he left, he wrote a letter that he stashed in the sacks of gold put in Grandma Heddy’s care. Tyrell bequeathed the gold to Grandma, and his share of whatever the Wake Up Jake produced during the term of the contract. To Marissa, he left the homestead, all 300 acres.

With plans to head north to his hometown of Hell’s Bottom, he was side tracked. A recurring dream of his Grandfather’s death and the men who killed him, as well as the face-to-face encounter with the villainous men of his dream, took over the next six years of his life. 

With the possibility of being captured and hanged, Tyrell returns to Red Rock Canyon to live his life in obscurity. To his surprise, Marissa, his onetime true love continues to reside there. It isn’t long before the two are once more reacquainted, and their adventure begins as Tyrell tries to right his wrongs from days gone past.

The Missing Years Part I by Brian T. Seifrit

After Tyrell Sloan abandoned the ranch his grandfather had left him, he wandered the west, gambling, drinking and keeping his mind on finding the outlaws who had killed his grandfather. When he found them, he killed them in a fair gunfight. However, one was the son of an influential man and before long, Tyrell was being sought as a murderer.

He changed his name to Travis Sweet and after several close calls with bounty hunters, made his way to the homestead of Mac and Rosie, who hired him to clear their land. The adventures continue as a bounty hunter finds Tyrell. After beating the bounty hunter to the draw, Travis Sweet's reputation soars.

The story includes a search for the murderer of Rosie's father, and an ironic request by the father of the outlaw Tyrell had killed for Travis Sweet to find him. Travis turns down the opportunity to search for himself.

Full of true west adventure and set in the 1890's, the story captures the essence of the rough life led by those who first settled in British Columbia.

The Missing Years Part II by Brian T. Seifrit

Heading over the Canadian Rockies, Tyrell takes the job offered by Ed McCoy, bounty hunter extraordinaire. Under the name of Travis Sweet, he takes the Bounty Hunter’s oath and becomes a registered bounty hunter.

Caught up in a half-cocked scheme to capture U.S. ex-Ranger Matt Crawford and share in the $10,000.00 reward, he coincidentally meets up with an old friend and convinces him to help. Together they travel to the town of Hazelton, the last known place Matt Crawford was seen, and where the conspiracy of who killed Emery Nelson, one of McCoy's men, begins.

The Missing Years Part III by Brian T. Seifrit

 This is the fifth book in the Red Rock series, the third about Tyrell Sloan living rough and on the run from the law.

Having adopted the alias Travis Sweet and acquiring employment as a bounty hunter, Tyrell had success in this role. Now he is after Matt Crawford, a former U.S. Ranger and crack sniper who has gone rogue, killing his enemies from afar.

One of the bounty hunters decides to settle down and buys a plot of land. The others, along with an inmate doing community service, help him dig a well, most of the time drinking coffee and providing unsolicited management advice.

Tyrell's confrontation with Matt Crawford is the climax to this story.

The Missing Years Part IV by Brian T. Seifrit

U.S Ranger Matt Crawford is finally behind bars and the $10,000.00 reward paid out to McCoy’s for his capture. The Police Commissioner declares Matt as a provincial witness for McCoy’s. All legal proceedings against him are stayed.

The Mounted Police investigate the Vermillion incident and find Matt Crawford to be innocent of all killings in Canada, up to and including Hunter Talbot, and one U.S Pinkerton, Thomas Lierpp aka Miles Ranthorp.

Freed and allowed to remain in Canada, Matt Crawford travels great distances to find work. It soon becomes clear to him that he has only one option left and that is to return to law enforcement.

Living a Dream by N’wayitelo Bruce Chuma

This book is a description of how to live your life successfully. Written by a secondary school student in South Africa, it describes the factors that lead to success or failure and encourages readers to pursue their dreams actively.

Table of Contents

Author. v

Dedication. vi

Introduction. 1

Success. 2

Creativity. 2

Purpose. 2

Boldness. 3

Sincerity. 3

Responsibility. 3

Availability. 3

Independence. 3

Gratefulness. 4

Confidence. 4

Failure. 5

Lack of Purpose. 5

Fear. 6

Lack of Motivation. 6

Excuses. 6

Poor Choices. 7

Lack of Courage. 7

Lack of Focus. 8

Overly Cautious. 8

Habits. 8

Dreams. 9

Be Inspiring. 9

Be Passionate. 10

Have Integrity. 10

Avoid Bad Company. 10

Be Realistic. 11

Hold Great Expectations. 11

Self -Strength. 11

Analyze Yourself. 11

Know Yourself. 11

Know What You Want. 12

Be Yourself. 13

Be a Visionary. 14

Overcome Doubts. 15

Plant your seed. 16

Mental Strength. 16

Build your Faith. 18

Keep your Mind Clear. 19

Be helpful 19

Learn from your Mistakes. 19

Mental Situations. 20

Don't Be Comfortable. 21

Time Is Limited. 22

Time Management. 24

Plan ahead. 24

Eliminate distractions. 24

Mistakes. 25

Ignoring your priorities. 25

Procrastinating. 25

Losing Determination and Motivation. 25

Second chances. 26

Be a Winner. 27

Improve Yourself Everyday. 27

Be Committed. 28

Be Patient. 29

Be Approachable. 30

Build a legacy. 30

In Conclusion. 31

Living Out the Dream by Olive Caldwell Lee

This story describes the life and times of two Irish families who decided to emigrate to Canada in the 1820’s. Written by a descendant, it brings together many historical documents, letters written by family members and others, and stories handed down over the years of the difficulties faced in the new world.

It begins with a brief summary of the situation in Ireland, explaining the conditions there. It describes the very difficult voyage across the Atlantic and the primitive state of Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa.

The effort required to reach their homestead, the community working together to clear the land and build log homes and the work of young men in the lumber camps all bring into focus the immense task they took on. Towards the end of the 1820’s, the construction of the Rideau Canal, led by Colonel By provided work for many of the men.

Olive Caldwell Lee lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia. She was raised on a farm in Fallowfield, close to the original homesteads of the Caldwells and Argues, the families whose lives are described in the book.

Table of Contents



THE DECISION 1820-21. 7

CAVAN 1809-21. 32

DEPARTURE 1821. 44

THE VOYAGE 1821. 49





THE SHANTY 1821. 96

THE FIRST WINTER 1821-22. 99


WAITING 1822-23. 115








LETTERS HOME 1823. 169

ARRIVAL 1823. 175

HIS FIRST YEAR 1823. 180




A YEAR OF CHANGE 1825. 206





WORK AT THE CANAL 1826-27. 236

BYTOWN 1828. 246

HELP FOR MARY 1828-30. 253





MORE CHANGES 1835. 281

A TIME OF SORROW 1835. 287

WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY? 1836-37. 295

THE FAMILY GROWS UP 1835-43. 301

CHILDBIRTH 1841. 306

A REUNION 1843. 310




LIFE GOES ON 1845-48. 332








MAP OF AREA: 1832. 350




The Heat of Your Silence by Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni

This is a motivational, inspirational lecture on how to live your life successfully. It was written by an experienced Secondary School teacher who has inspired many f his students with his messages. It has many parables, stories and examples that help you in your daily life decisions.

Table of Contents






Life is a gift. 1

Good character as a choice. 3

Be honest. 5

Unconditional love from mother. 7

Be honest and loyal 10

Pleasure is elsewhere. 15

Sacrifice your life to someone. 17

Delay judgement. 19

Let the brain talk. 22

Do not listen to negative voices. 25

Do not trust anybody. 27

Your life is paid in full 29

Do not be lazy. 31

The pencil story. 34

Don’t give up. 36

Don’t be ignorant. 38

Build bridges instead of walls. 40

Don’t lose hope. 42

Learn to forgive and forget. 44

The naked truth of life. 45

Rich and poor. 47


One man is not the whole team.. 49

Failure at home is also a failure at work. 50

No one is a paragon of moral rectitude. 51

I am a product of the mire that our society was. 52

Listen also to the ideas of people you hate. 53

Many of us are capable. 54

Reasons to be in a group. 55

Don’t try to prove what nobody doubts. 57

Do not look at the work load, but look at the work itself. 58

A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. 59

No man dies alone. 60

Reasons for being in a team.. 61


Always evaluate the performance, not the person. 62

Manage your emotions. 63

Manage your personal life. 64

Reject the idea, not the person. 65

Have good diction. 66

Design your own personal motto. 67

Let us work together, not for each other. 69

Praise one encourage all 71

Never fight or argue with an official 72

Help each other. 73

Do not treat your team members the same way you treat your spouse   75

Dress in accordance with your job specifications. 76


Don’t worry about things that you can’t change. 77

Tackle one thing at a time. 79

Stop Competing. 80

Learn to expect the unexpected. 83

Do not be too sensitive. 86

Stay with cool people. 89


Accept, adjust and move on. 92

Be tough, but be human. 93

Do not let fear and stress paralyze you. 94

Where is God?. 95

It is dark in the tunnel 96

Stay focused. 97

Even if you dance on water or rain, your enemies will accuse you of raising dust  98

A smile can solve problems, while silence can avoid them.. 99

Cry when you’re in pain. 100

Belong to a happy team.. 101

Be a generator of hope. 102

Have difficult conversations with yourself. 103

Embrace change. 104

Remember, for every voice there is an invoice. 105

Relationship is like a lift. It can take you up or down. 107

Keep up an active external presence. 111

We are like tea bags. 112

When you walk up a mountain, your legs get stronger. 113

Three choices. 116

Life is hard. 118

For every wound there is a scar. 121

When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind. 122


Eagles fly alone. 125

Eagles have an accurate vision. 126

Eagles do not eat dead things. 127

Eagles love the storm.. 128

When a female eagle meets a male. 130

Eagles prepare for training. 131

When the eagle grows old. 132


Toothpick. 133

Rubber band. 134

Band aid. 135

Pencil 136

Watch. 137

Eraser or rubber. 138

Chewing gum.. 139

Mint. 140

Compliments or a hug. 141



Delayed Gratification by Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni


It is said that man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope. Hope is the anchor of man’s soul, without which many have given up on their dreams, on themselves, on others and even on God. I would like to congratulate the author for taking the time to put hope filled words into this book, and for believing in the power of words to inspire hope.

I had the opportunity of having the author stand-in for me on speaking engagements, and attest to the fact that his public speaking has inspired many lives. I am more excited about the book because it will reach much further and across generations. His hard work and selfless quest for brightening up the souls of people is evident in this book.

This book is a great effort at investing in people which comes with great fulfilment and untold rewards, and this I speak from my personal experience as a Pastor. Let me also congratulate you the reader and encourage you to invest in yourself. Your life is all you have and need for success. Success is locked inside every person waiting to be revealed. Only those who discover this truth and believe in their inherent God given potential succeed. Your soul was designed for success, it needs faith, hope and love for its good health, wealth and prosperity.

As you read through the pages of this book, let it inspire you into your journey of self-discovery. External motivation is temporary; however, its power lies in its ability to help you discover your inner treasures that will energise you for life. Pastor Strike Manganyi Manna Tabernacle of Witness.

Table of Contents

About the Author. xi

Foreword. xiii

Acknowledgements. xv

Dedication. xx

Chapter 1 Food for Thought. 1

The Longer You Hold It, the Heavier the Weight. 1

Coffee or a Cup?. 3

Stinking Tomatoes. 6

My Time Will Come. 9

The Dark Spots. 13

Good Morning and Goodbye. 16

Everything Went Well 19

Sinking Boat. 22

When Will My Fingers Grow Back?. 25

Clapping of Hands Is Not Always Appreciation. 27

The Struggles Are Part of Our Journey. 30

Happiness Cannot Be Deferred. 33

Holes in the Heart. 35

Seven Wonders of the World. 37

Broken Bricks. 41

Can You Define Yourself?. 42

Reciprocity of Concern. 43

Delay Your Judgement. 44

Chapter 2 Types of People. 48

Horses with Blinkers. 48

Revolving Door of People. 51

People as Chameleons. 55

People as Chained Dogs. 60

A Tree Analogy. 62

The leaf people: 62

The branch people: 63

The roots people: 63

Friends and Enemies. 69

Associates: 70

Comrades: 70

Confidents: 70

Chapter 3 Life. 73

Appreciate what you have. 73

Be Happy. 73

Be Positive. 74

Make Good Choices. 76

Try to be better. 77

God and Prayer. 78

Help Others. 79

Remember this. 81

Don’t Take Life Seriously, It’s Not Permanent. 84

Chapter 4 Stress Management. 89

Nobody was Born Stronger. 89

God Helps us. 90

Be Mentally Strong. 91

Choose Your Associates. 92

There Is Nothing New. 93

Understanding Depression. 96

What is depression?. 96

Symptoms. 98

Diagnosis. 98

Chapter 5 Marriage. 100

Mother’s Message to her Son before Wedding. 100

My Wife Saved Me. 106

Rules for a Happy Marriage. 114

Raise your words, and not your voice. 114

Avoid secretive relationship. 115

Don’t be too secretive, but don’t tell him/her everything. 115

If you love him/her, set him/her free. 115

Why do you marry?. 116

Neither both of you be angry at the same time. 116

If you forget that you’re a Jew, the Gentiles will remind you. 117

Never yell at each other. 117

Lose an argument and win a relationship. 118

Work together to find a solution. 118

Criticize lovingly and don’t bad mouth your spouse in public. 118

Never bring the mistakes of the past. 118

Never go to sleep with unsettled argument. 118

Apologise for your mistakes and don’t break your spouse’s trust on you   119

Don’t threaten your spouse with a divorce. 119

Don’t compare your marriage. 120

Chapter 6 Seeds of Kindness. 122

Chapter 7 Failure. 125

Main Causes of Failure. 125

Overcoming Failure. 127

Everybody Dies but Not Everybody Lives. 133

Take Risks. 136

Chapter 8 Leadership and Management. 139

Leadership and Management Defined. 139

Leadership is deployment and not employment. 141

Difference between leaders and managers. 142

Qualities of a True Leader. 143

Time. 143

Choice of words (Diction). 144

Energy. 145

Relationships. 146

Priorities. 146

Levels of Leadership. 147

Leadership Principles Leaders Can Learn From Lions. 149

Make yourself be heard. 149

Interact with others. 151

Find Time to Relax. 153

Learn how to share. 155

Learn How to Delegate Responsibility. 158

Mate at Home. 160

Leadership Concepts. 161

Chapter 9 The Basic Johari Window.. 165

The Public Self/Open persona. 165

The Private Self /Hidden Self/Naïve Persona. 165

The Blind Self. 166

The Undiscovered Self/The Secret Persona. 167

Chapter 10 Why Worry?. 168

Chapter 11 Works Consulted. 172

About the Editor. 174

Dire Consequences by Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni

This book provides advice on how to lead your life successfully. It reviews lessons learned by the author in his work, marriage and life in general.

Table of Contents

















Hope for my Success by Phetole Cedric Malemela

 This is an inspirational description of how to live your life successfully as viewed by a 20's something computer technician living in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Table of Contents

Introductory Message. 0




















 Poems by Dipolelo Mohale

This book has love poems by a teenager from Tzaneen, South Africa.

Table of Contents

Biography. v

Myself. 1

From Silly Arguments. 2

Friendship. 3

Death of my Cousin. 4

True Love. 5

My Everyday Crush. 6

What Love Is All About. 7

My First Lover. 8

I Know You. 9

Mother's Love. 10

Love Found Me. 11

My Life Will Never Be The Same. 12

If you wait for me. 13

Father's love. 14

Brother. 15

I Miss You. 17

Missing You. 18

Thinking. 19

The Best Stepfather. 20

Sister. 21

Mother's Love. 23

God. 24

Failure. 25

Friend. 26

Publisher. 27

Hidden Truth by Fortunate Ntsako Nhlungwana

This is a short story describing how a young girl in South Africa learns the truth about her origins.

A Hypochondriac Girl by Fortunate Ntsako Nhlungwana

This is a short story about how a teenage girl overcomes her health and personal difficulties in high school.

Teenage Thoughts of Hope by Morongwa Hope Moagi

This book contains thoughts and poems of a bright, romantic 15-year-old girl who lives in a village in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Hope, who called herself "Mogokolodi" when we first corresponded, submitted the first two "thoughts" and I incorporated them in another book from an author who I thought was in the same area. Hope never did see them in print. South Africa is a huge country and Limpopo Province is very large too. I encouraged Hope to send me more poems or other writing and this is the result. Hope is mature beyond her years. Her insights tell me that the youth of the world are well-educated, have universal desires, suffer similar pains and angst in their teenage years and are a delight to know.

Set Free From Satanic Bondage By Ledia Tumelo Ramodipa

                This book tells how Ledia freed herself from the clutches of the Devil through belief in Jesus and the born again Christian faith.

Table of Contents

Author Ledia Tumelo Ramodipa. 1

Introduction. 3

How I Joined the Kingdom of Darkness. 5

Devilish Operations through the Dreams. 9

How I Realized that I was Initiated as a Devil Worshipper. 11

What was my service in the Kingdom of Darkness?. 14

My Possessions in Darkness. 17

A Covenant I made with Satan. 19

How I was serving Satan at school and in churches. 29

How I was Delivered from The Kingdom Of Darkness. 31

What Happened after my Deliverance. 41

Explanation of the Satanic Symbols. 52

A Pyramid. 52

A Satanic Bible (Brilho Celeste). 52

An Evil Eye. 53

Reversed Cross (Upside Down Cross). 53

Sigil of Baphomet. 54

The 666. 54

Satanic Tattoos Symbols and their Significance. 56

Upside Down Pentagram and a Snake with Seven Heads. 60

William Jenkins, Editor. 62

Caught in the Storm by Somisa Perpetual Hlangwana

This romantic story reveals what happens when a handsome tutor is hired to help a teenager understand Life Sciences and the two quickly and completely fall in love. Sited in a village in Limpopo Province, South Africa, the story reveals the maturity of the youth of South Africa today.

The Darkest Secret of Life by Sheilah Nyakane

This is the story of a teenage girl who is obsessed with knowing who her birth father is. She is being raised by a single mother who refuses to tell her the truth.

From Your Village to Your City by Silver Nkomane

This book describes the actions and activities that the youth of South Africa should follow to help move them out of poverty towards a more rewarding destiny. They include being close to your family, setting achievable goals for yourself, getting the most education you can absorb, moving from the village to a place where opportunities abound, taking advantage of your talents, planning your future, overcoming temporary setbacks or failures, choosing friends and associates wisely, and being persistent and determined to succeed by making thoughtful, good choices.

Many people who are born into a poor family give up on their dreams when they strike the first obstacle. However, being born into a poor family is not an excuse for failure. There is always something that can bring about a change, something that results in a better situation. If you choose to be a thug, steal property or do other illegal activity, you cannot excuse this behavior or your use of drugs or alcohol because of the stress of poverty.

You can and should focus on whatever will bring you to a better future. We might have been born into a poor family, but we don't have to leave ourselves there. We don’t have to give up on our dreams because of our background. Life provides many choices. We need to stand up and make the right choices to change our situation.

Table of Contents

Dedication. vii

Author. ix

Foreword. xiii

Introduction. 1

Family. 3

Coming of Age. 4

The Opposite Sex. 4

Falling in Love. 4

Playing Around. 4

Kissing, Petting, Sexual Intercourse. 4

Social Diseases. 6

Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancy. 6

Wait for the Right Time. 7

Goals. 8

Short and Long Term Goals. 8

Village Life. 10

Education. 11

Opportunities. 12

Talents. 14

Be Curious. 15

Know Who you Are and Where you are Going. 15

Believe In Yourself. 16

Be Humble and Be Yourself. 18

Don't Give Up. 19

Build Your Future. 20

Why People Give up in Planning Their Future. 21

Disappointments. 21

Alone You Can Do It. 22

Those Who Once Failed In Life. 23

Surround Yourself with Successful People. 25

Make your Choices and your Choices will Make You. 26

Friends Are More Influential Than Parents. 28

Friendly Enemies. 28

Bad Company. 28

Watch the Company You Keep. 29

Watch Who Gives You Advice. 30

Two Types of People in your Life. 31

Three Types of People. 32

Those who Wish for Success. 32

Those Who Wait For Success. 32

Those Who Work For Success. 32

Learn to Subtract Some People from your Life. 33

Motivated by the Smoke of the Fire. 34

Editor. 35

The Case of the Ancient American by William Jenkins

This story is the first in a series written about the adventures of four public school kids in Brockville. One of the kids, Bobby, is 12 and in Grade 6. The others, Tommy, Mary and Dick are each 10 years old and in Grade 5. Bobby incessantly bullies the others, throwing stones at them, pushing Tommy into the St. Lawrence River and other unfriendly acts.

The kids meet an ancient American who has retired to Brockville and are fascinated by his stories. He is a retired sea captain and he describes some of the mysteries of the sea to them.

The kids live relatively normal lives. They go fishing; they play a first game of golf, and after hearing a career day talk by a police detective, decide to form a club to solve mysteries. Mary is selected as the first President of the club and helps them as they choose to follow Robert’s Rules of Order to run their meetings. The captain gives them an assignment to investigate and through his efforts, the bully is rehabilitated and everything works out alright in the end.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction. 1

Chapter 2 The Captain. 9

Chapter 3 A Detective’s Job. 15

Chapter 4 The Thousand Islands Bridge. 22

Chapter 5 Mary Calls a Meeting. 27

Chapter 6 Going Fishing. 33

Chapter 7 Joining the Navy. 40

Chapter 8 A Game of Golf 43

Chapter 9 Mysteries of the Sea. 47

Chapter 10 A Project for Detectives. 52

Appendix 1 The City of Brockville. 56

Appendix 2 Published Books. 57

The Case of the Brainy Birds by William Jenkins

The four young detectives, Tommy, Dick, Bobby and Mary pick a name for their new club. It is the Private Investigators Club (PIC). Dick suggests that they solve the problem of the missing birds. He has noticed that all the seagulls that normally float over Brockville and the nearby St. Lawrence River are gone. That afternoon after school they set out to find the birds.

Bobby gets his canoe and he and Tommy paddle to McNair Island where the seagulls normally roost. Mary and Dick go to Fulford Place where they can watch from high on a hill. A strong earthquake strikes the area and a tsunami sweeps by, destroying many homes along the river.

The kids are praised for having saved the lives of those they warned and are slated for an awards ceremony at City Hall. Mary, as President, gives a speech of acceptance and gets into trouble because she steals ideas and words from other great orators. The kids decide that the birds are brainy because they anticipated the earthquake.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Birds are Missing. 1

Chapter 2 The Earthquake Strikes. 5

Chapter 3 The Tsunami 10

Chapter 4 The Aftermath. 14

Chapter 5 Explanations by Captain Thomas. 21

Chapter 6 The Award Ceremony. 26

Chapter 7 Fifteen Speeches on Churchill 35

Chapter 8 Brainy Birds. 41

Appendix 1 Published Books. 44

The Case of the Cannabis Cat by William Jenkins

The Case of the Cannabis Cat begins with the Frayne family at the dinner table discussing the legalities of arresting a person. Tommy knows the Miranda warning but his Dad points out that the laws are different in Canada.

The next day, a box is delivered to the Frayne home addressed to Tommy. When he opens it, he finds a little cat with a small barrel tied to a ribbon around its neck. He and his little sister are delighted with it but things turn awry when Constable Bidwell turns up and accuses the Fraynes of possession of illegal drugs. Because everyone refuses to answer questions, before long the Fraynes and the rest of the Private Investigators Club are sitting in an interrogation room in the police station.

Luckily, Mary, a.k.a. Brains, knows enough of the law to argue against the 14 year jail term that Constable Bidwell is threatening. The story provides a look at the laws relating to possession of illegal drugs and gives the young private detectives a good idea about the severe penalties for drug possession and trafficking.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Discussing the Law.. 1

Chapter 2 The Next Mystery. 5

Chapter 3 A Real Mystery. 8

Chapter 4 The Police Arrive. 10

Chapter 5 A Free Ride to the Station. 12

Chapter 6 Interrogation. 14

Chapter 7 Innocent Until Proven Guilty. 16

Chapter 8 Getting Off with a Smile. 18

Appendix 1 Published Books. 20

The Case of the Diligent Detectives by William Jenkins

The Case of the Diligent Detectives begins with Bobby running the meeting. It is his turn to be President. He wants the young detectives to become more diligent in their investigations. He overrules various suggestions for investigation and chooses investigating the brown blotches that are appearing on the grass. He suspects that alien spacecraft are hovering over the city at night and shining powerful laser beams at the ground, thereby causing the death of the grass in various places.

He decides that he needs to sit in a pup tent in the park and take photos of any flying saucers that come by. The others agree to investigate but decide to trick him by building a small flying saucer that they can float over his tent. Dick builds the device and paints his hockey mask green. He gets dressed in green pajamas.

After dark, the three conspirators arrive in front of Bobby’s tent and start making alien noises. The trick backfires. Bobby is not amused. The next night, to make up for their insubordination, the three other detectives camp out and investigate diligently.

What happens has to be read to be believed. The story provides an opportunity for the reader to learn Morse code, a little French and the unexplained mysteries of aliens who come in the night.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Running a Meeting. 1

Chapter 2 Making a Fake Flying Saucer. 6

Chapter 3 Flying the Fake Saucer. 8

Chapter 4 Three Observers in the Park. 10

Chapter 5 Captured by Aliens. 12

Chapter 6 In the Spaceship. 14

Chapter 7 Talking with Aliens. 15

Chapter 8 The Cover Up. 18

Appendix 1 Published Books. 21

Case of the Electrified Envoy by William Jenkins

The story starts with Bobby urging the young detectives to be more professional. To that end, he wants everyone to suggest someone who they can follow as though he were a suspect. They choose an older man who has just moved to Brockville. Dick acts as scout and reports when the man leaves his apartment. Mary scoots over to the supermarket to observe him. Before long all four of the young detectives have the suspect under control.

The situation rapidly deteriorates when the suspect’s landlady blows their cover. They all congregate in the suspect’s apartment and he tells them what he is doing in Brockville. The discussion gets pretty technical and before long Bobby heads home as he cannot understand it. The others listen to the tale of the unlikely research the Professor is planning. He sets up a demonstration of a portal to another world.

Mary walks through the portal and promptly disappears. Tommy and Dick are concerned and call the police. Even the Professor is amazed. The story continues with many twists and turns but luckily for those who want to read the next book in the series, all the detectives survive, we believe.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Mission for the Summer. 1

Chapter 2 A Suspicious Candidate. 7

Chapter 3 Who is Mr. X. 11

Chapter 4 Shopping at the Metro. 15

Chapter 5 Research into the Unknown. 24

Chapter 6 Whoops, We Lost Mary. 35

Chapter 7 Romance is in the Air. 42

Chapter 8 Mary Confesses All 45

Chapter 9 Getting Professional 53

Appendix 1 Published Books. 62

The Case of the Forgotten Fort by William Jenkins

The story starts with Bobby suggesting that they try to find out what the City of Brockville is hiding in the closed and locked railway tunnel under the city. That night they go exploring, break into the tunnel and find many items that they conclude the Department of Public Works is storing there.

Mary gets caught as she leaves the tunnel and is forced to seal the others inside. Tommy’s uncle, a detective on the police force, comes to her aid and releases the boys. However, some illegal activities are discovered and Mary is provided police protection.

The story includes some police lingo, a police lineup and a police arrest. The story continues with many twists and turns but luckily for those who want to read the next book in the series, the young detectives survive and are instrumental in improving the tourist attractions to Brockville.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Mystery. 1

Chapter 2 Meanwhile. 23

Chapter 3 The Debriefing. 35

Chapter 4 Keeping Secrets. 41

Chapter 5 DIY for the PIC. 56

Chapter 6 An Essay on Spelunking. 73

Chapter 7 Support your Fort. 81

Chapter 8 Resolution. 86

Appendix 1 Published Books. 88

The Case of the Greedy Goat by William Jenkins

The story starts with Tommy reporting that he has received an invitation for the club members to have a holiday at Mr. J’s cottage in return for helping him open it for the summer. With some difficulty he leads them through the formal procedures to accept the invitation.

They are driven to Chaffey’s Lock and taken by boat to a remote cottage on Scott Island. While working on the task of getting the water system working, their cell phones mysteriously disappear. Mr. J suspects the Greedy Goat has eaten them.

The story continues as the detectives search for their phones, assist with some difficult maintenance tasks and have a few adventures. They fear that Mr. J has flipped and try, unsuccessfully, to escape. Luckily, it all works out in the end.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1          The Invitation. 1

Chapter 2          A Trip to Chaffey’s Lock. 5

Chapter 3          A First Boat Ride. 16

Chapter 4          Opening Moves. 21

Flies. 22

Shutters. 24

Propane. 28

The Water System.. 31

Looking Around the Inside of the Cottage. 39

Chapter 5          Last Little Tasks. 45

Chapter 6          Opening the Sleeping Cabin. 55

Chapter 7          Dick Drives the Boat. 71

Chapter 8          Dead Horse Bay. 76

Chapter 9          The Tin Boat. 83

Chapter 10            Ice Cream at Opinicon Resort. 91

Chapter 11            A Long Hike. 101

Chapter 12            A Few Repairs. 118

Chapter 13            Getting the Propane. 133

Chapter 14            Planning the Escape. 149

Chapter 15            Water Skiing. 164

Chapter 16            The Tincap Restaurant. 168

Appendix 1 Published Books. 171

The Case of the Hidden Hound by William Jenkins

Tommy Frayne, President of the PIC for the next mystery, sees an ad in the newspaper offering a reward if someone finds a missing dog. The PIC decides to take on this challenge, using the cover story that they are looking for business for Dick's Lawn Service.

They are wildly successful in getting lawn mowing business, but have no success in finding the missing collie. They have to expand the club to 25 members, auction off items their customers don't need, and, somehow, find the hidden hound.

They get into trouble when some officials do what Bobby calls a "Bee Sting" trick on them. Luckily, their police officer club member, Tanya Patel, comes to their rescue.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Mystery to Solve. 1

Chapter 2 Mr. Blackmore. 9

Chapter 3 The Organization Meeting. 14

Chapter 4 The First Day’s Experience. 20

Chapter 5 Customer Records. 37

Chapter 6 A Rousing Meeting. 49

Chapter 7 Working Under Adversity. 64

Chapter 8 Routine Business. 72

Chapter 9 A Bigger Auction. 77

Chapter 10 Rolling in the Dough. 93

Chapter 11 The Party. 103