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The First Four Stories of the PIC

which includes

     The Case of the Ancient American
     The Case of the Brainy Birds
     The Case of the Cannabis Cat
     The Case of the Diligent Detectives

The following individual titles:
     The Case of the Electrified Envoy
     The Case of the Forgotten Fort
     The Case of the Greedy Goat
     The Case of the Hidden Hound

On this page I feature the books I have written. These are children's mystery-adventure stories based on The Private Investigator's Club that some imaginary middle school children formed after hearing a career day discussion by a police detective.

Each of the eight stories involves solving a mystery and the associated adventures.

The stories were originally intended to provide easy supplementary reading for people learning English and included questions and answers, definitions of difficult words and similar comments. However, it became clear that no one wanted to plow through all this extraneous information, so the books presented now contain only the stories themselves. 

The first four stories are in one volume; the last four in separate volumes.

The titles are:

The description of the story is seen when you click on the book cover:

The Case of the Electrified Envoy is the contest winning story sponsored by the Publisher of the Private Investigators Club series. If you have read the introductions to the other stories in the series, you will appreciate the fact that the story was a last minute entry by the Publisher himself. The story starts with Bobby urging the young detectives to be more professional. To that end, he wants everyone to suggest someone whom they can follow as though he were a suspect. They choose an older man who has just moved to Brockville. Dick acts as scout and reports when the man leaves his apartment. Mary scoots over to the supermarket to observe him. Before long all four of the young detectives have the suspect under control. The situation rapidly deteriorates when the suspect’s landlady blows their cover. They all congregate in the suspect’s apartment and he tells them what he is doing in Brockville. The discussion gets pretty technical and before long Bobby heads home as he cannot understand it. The others listen to the tale of the unlikely research the Professor is planning. He sets up a demonstration of a portal to another world. Mary walks through the portal and promptly disappears. Tommy and Dick are concerned and call the police. Even the Professor is amazed. The story continues with many twists and turns but luckily for those who want to read the next book in the series, all the detectives survive, we believe. The stories in the Private Investigators Club series are “readers” for students of age eight or older. People of any age who are learning English as a Second Language may find them entertaining. This story discusses concepts that may be difficult for an eight year old to understand.

The following lines are in the Amazon description but are no longer valid:

Anyone interested in writing in English is invited to produce another story in the series. Details are provided on the Publisher’s website. The Publisher wishes to encourage students to do creative writing and will accept submissions on any topic. Periodically, an eBook of submitted stories is published so this is one way for you to become an established author.

I did get a number of submissions from students in South Africa and their publications are listed on the Tab "Authors". However, I have retired from the work of editing and publishing writing of others as I'm too ancient for it now.

William Jenkins

The purpose of this website is to promote the stories I have published. I used Createspace to print paperbacks, Kindle to supply ebooks and to provide details and fulfill orders.


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